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02 April 2011

higher goals

"The art audience is the worst audience in the world. It’s overly educated, its conservative, its out to criticize, not to understand, and it never has any fun. The street audience is much more human, and their opinion is from the heart.” --David Hammons

"Higher Goals," (1987) above, was a outdoor installation Hammons created with basketball nets, bottle caps, and in Brooklyn, New York. The poles, however, were too high to function as hoops--rendering the "goal" unachievable. The irony addressed his concern for young Black males that solely aspire to join the NBA without realizing how unlikely it is to actually achieve such a career. Hammons had a similar dream during his youth.

There are few high quality photos of this installation but I really enjoy it. "Higher Goals" establishes his voice to (and of) the Black community, creation of art from unremarkable materials, and ironic tone. These three characteristics define his later career.

Images: faculty.de.gscu.edu, hewittschool on flickr, dspace.nitle.org

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